25+ Modern and Simple Wedding Invitation Designs

SIMPLE WEDDING INVITATION DESIGNS – It’s astounding how many people weddings provide employment to: photographers, caterers, florists and even designers can make a great living by focusing partially or even completely on clients planning their marriage.

Simple Wedding Invitation Designs

Talented designers really pull out all the stops and create some amazingly inspirational pieces. Keep reading to see fifty astounding examples of wedding invitation design (and a few trends to watch out for).

1. Letterpress

Miraculous simple wedding invitation card design template #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: designshack.net

By far the most popular trend I came across was letterpress printing. This relief printing technique uses an inked, raised printing plate to create an imprint effect on text and images.

The result is a high quality, classic feel that is absolutely perfect for wedding invitations. It’s not always the cheapest route but it’s certainly a good way to impress your guests.

2. Vintage Typography

Staggering ideas for wedding invitation designs #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: designshack.net

Another extremely popular trend is using a typographic treatment as the primary design feature. These layouts typically mix several types of old style typefaces and incorporate interesting word shapes and ornate line graphics.
As you can see in the example above, it’s hard to beat a good vintage type treatment. There’s just something so undeniably eye-catching about it!

3. Custom Illustrations

Terrific simple wedding invitation cards designs 2013 #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: designshack.net

If you’re good with a pencil, wedding invitations provide the perfect outlet for your artistic genius. Brides and grooms often love something personalized with a comically drawn version of themselves.

Recipients of these invitations will instantly know that the couple went out all on custom design rather than simply buying a cheap template.

4. The Whole Package

Wonderful simple wedding invitation designs philippines #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: designshack.net

Don’t stop at mere invitations, wedding clients require lots of printed materials and getting them all in one place with one coherent theme is an enticing deal.

In addition to invitations you can throw in “Save the Date” cards, RSVP cards, custom envelopes, maps to the church and reception locations, wedding day programs and “Thank You” cards.

5. Unique Packaging

Eye-opening simple wedding invitation background designs #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: designshack.net

If your clients have a decent budget to play with, try putting some creative thought into how you present the invitations. The awesome example above uses a pop-open can containing the invitation. Guests are encouraged to then bring the can to the wedding and tie it to the back of the bride and groom’s car for that classic “just married” look.

6. DIY Black & White Wedding Invitation

Delight simple wedding invitation design inspiration #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: designshack.net

A creative and a clean approach to wedding invitation design, this PSD template is ideal if you’re planning a minimalist wedding. It also includes templates for the RSVP card, save the date, menu, table cards, and more.

7. Simple Elegant Wedding Invitation

Astonishing simple wedding invitation card background design #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: designshack.net

This simple wedding invitation template features a retro-inspired design that gives a more elegant look to your invitation card. It also includes 5 other color variations of the PSD template for you to choose from.

8. Beige Wedding Invitation

Brilliant simple elegant wedding invitation designs #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: designshack.net

A unique wedding invitation template for creatively sending the message across to your loved ones. This PSD template features a unique playful design that makes it one of a kind. An info card and an RSVP card template are also included with this pack.

9. Floral Wedding Invitation

Awesome simple designs for wedding invitation #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: designshack.net

Unlike other floral designs, this wedding invitation template comes with a stylishly modern design that attracts attention. The template is fully customizable using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as well.

10. Chalkboard Wedding Invitations

Spectacular simple handmade wedding invitation designs #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: designshack.net

The chalkboard design is quite a popular trend in the wedding invitation design world. This template comes in 3 different color schemes featuring the same chalkboard design. In addition to the invitation template, it also includes RSVP card, thank you card, save the date, and many other templates.

11. Passport Wedding Invitation

Marvelous simple wedding invitation cards designs 2015 #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: designshack.net

If you’re planning a playful wedding and want to send an invitation with a bit of humor attached, this is the perfect template for you. This wedding invitation is designed in the shape and style of a passport. It’s perfect if you’re planning to have a wedding abroad as well.

12. Grey Wedding Invitation Set

Unbelievable simple hindu wedding invitation cards designs #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: designshack.net

A set of wedding invitation, RSVP, name card, and save the date templates. All the templates come with minimal and professional designs. You can easily and quickly customize the design to your preference.

13. Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Breathtaking latest wedding card designs #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: designshack.net

This wedding invitation template features a unique design done in the style of a watercolor painting. It also comes with all the other templates for sending RSVP, thank you card, detail cards, and much more.

14. DIY Vintage Wedding Invitation PSD Template

Excited latest wedding invitation cards #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: designshack.net

A fully-editable PSD template that you can customize however you like. This wedding invitation template set also includes RSVP card templates, save the date, escort cards, and more as well.

15. 8 Wedding Invitations Pack 1

Remarkable basic wedding invitation template #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: designshack.net

This is a bundle of wedding invitation templates that includes 8 different designs for you to choose from. All the templates feature unique and creative designs. They are also ready for print.

16. Get your Own Personalised Stamp

Fantastic wedding invitation downloadable designs #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: onefabday.com

Have you seen these? Yes, personalised stamps are a thing, and you can use them for both making your wedding invite or for adding a return address on the wedding invitation envelopes. You can find a huge variety of custom rubber stamps on Etsy or have a look at all the ones we found here.

17. Put a Ribbon on it

Unique unique wedding reception invitations #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: onefabday.com

Adding ribbon to your wedding invite is a gorgeous little extra and also the perfect way to keep all the other elements you are including together such as travel information, RSVP cards etc. Add a little tag for an extra special touch.

18. Creative Edging with Punches

Sensational simple wedding stationery #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: onefabday.com

Make fancy corners or edges on your wedding invitations with a special punch or stamp cutter. They’re available in a variety of different sizes and designs from craft stores and online. It’s really easy to use, just give yourself a bit of time and make sure you have a good table and a steady hand (don’t do it while tired or you’ll end up with patterns that are off.)

19. Address your Invitations beautifully with Calligraphy

Extraordinary simple ivory wedding invitations #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: onefabday.com

It’s been a while since handwriting classes in primary school, but if you want to make an impact with your invitations, start with addressing them perfectly (not in your own day-to-day scrawl!) Up your calligraphy game with one of the many calligraphy classes or DIY tutorials you can find online. Use your new skills to write your invites or do beautiful addresses on the envelope. Check out some amazing tutorials on Style Me Pretty, LCI Paper and tips from Bridal Musings.

20. Add a Wash of Watercolour

Uplifting wedding invitation cards free download #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: onefabday.com

A very easy way to recreate those beautiful watercolour invitations you see on pinterest – create simple wedding invites and print them on watercolour paper. Give them a beautiful watercolour wash for an expensive arty effect! Don’t overdo the watercolour or the paper will be misshapen. As always practise makes perfect. Find great DIY watercolour ideas on Minted.com, Something Turquoise and The Pretty Blog.

21. Gild the Edges

Life-changing simple wedding cards with price #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: onefabday.com

A nifty little trick that will make simple white invitations look very expensive is to add a touch of glam with a golden edge on either your invitations or envelopes. It’s actually incredibly easy to do – you can find out how to do your own over on Something Turquoise, Damask Love or 100 Layer Cake

22. Tie with Twine and Tags

Unbeatable best invitation cards #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: onefabday.com

Perfect if you are a fan of the rustic wedding look, adding some twine and a custom kraft paper tag gives your invite the perfect personalised touch. Just like the ribbon it also serves the purpose of keeping all the other elements together inside the envelope.

23. Add an Envelope Liner

Striking wedding card design sample #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: onefabday.com

You can’t help but smile when opening an envelope that has a pretty liner hidden inside. There are lots of DIY tutorials online on how to do your own but our favourites include these ones from Snippet and Ink, Evermine and Apartment Therapy

24. Use an Embosser

Wondrous simple wedding card ideas #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: onefabday.com

Take your envelopes from ‘plain ole’ to ‘pretty wow” with a personalised embosser. It’s a really subtle and elegant touch that won’t escape your guests. Looks super expensive, but only you will know your secret! You can pick up custom monogram ones from Paper Source and Etsy.

25. Seal it with Wax

Perfect marriage card sample #wedding #weddinginvitations #weddingideas
Source: onefabday.com

Nothing says olde worlde luxe more than a wax seal on the envelope of the wedding invitation. You can pick these up in specialist paper or craft stores as well as on Etsy. Before you embark on doing 100 of them at once, conveyor belt style, take a few minutes to practise – too much wax can look like a mess. Take the time to get it right and then you’ll fly through them.

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