32+ Beautiful Indian Henna Designs That You Can Draw Yourself

INDIAN HENNA DESIGNS – Are you one of those who just love Henna (Mehndi) but find it a very complex and tedious procedure then this article is just for you. For all the Mehndi art lovers there, worry no more as we come up with the list of some of the easiest and simple Mehndi designs which you can draw yourself anytime and anywhere.

Indian Henna Designs

Mehndi is something which most of the women from all over the world adore. It has evolved as one of the finest arts which involve drawing patterns on body parts. The field of Mehndi art is constantly changing and diversifying. The mehndi lovers are spread all over the world but it is not always possible to find a mehndi artist every time you want to clad yourself with henna.

1. Beautiful Creepers

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If you are a beginner then the creeper design is best for you. It is one of the easiest designs when trying your hand at applying mehndi by yourself. It is the most basic mehndi design which you can easily draw at the palm, back of your hand, legs etc.

2. Magical Circles with polka dots

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The simple and beautiful round designs are suitable for all occasions. It is the simplest way to add beauty to your hands and feet. The simple circles can be made more interesting by adding small dots. The simplicity of the design makes it easy for beginners to try out.

3. Hearty touch

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The most loved and popular mehndi design around the world is that of a heart. The heart designs are mostly drawn on the hands of the brides. You can also incorporate this design on your hands as they are quite easy and fun to create.

4. Flowery flower

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Floral designs are very common and form the foundation of mehndi art. Flowers can be drawn along with leaves and creepers. The floral designs are on huge demand. Girls and women love to sport the flower designs on their hands and feet.

5. Chessboard design

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When you can’t think of a new and easy design for your hands or feet try this chessboard pattern. This design can be filled in whichever shape you want. The best way to utilise this design is to draw it inside a leaf or heart patterns.

6. Leafy patterns

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The use of leaves in Mehndi designs typically originated in Arabia. It is a simple and elegant design and can be used to fill the empty spaces. Also this design does not require very much precision so you can incorporate it the next time when you want to colour your hands with henna.

7. Peacock Design

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Peacocks are a part of the Indian culture and their presence is noticed in various art forms. Similarly it has also been used in mehndi designs. The peacock is the most famous motif used to decorate hands with henna. It looks very beautiful and is mostly opted by Indian brides. This design has a very pretty and feminine look.

8. Ringed Henna

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If you want to try something new then the ring designs are totally in this season and perfect for you. It’s not necessary to draw designs on every finger, drawing it on one of the fingers will also work and look stylish. This design helps your finger to stand out and is very different from the ordinary designs.

9. Geometrical shapes

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The use of geometric shapes in mehndi design is not new. Mehndi designs have featured geometric shapes since a very long time. Squares, rhombus, circle and triangles are used almost in every design and almost no mehndi design is complete without the outline of geometric shapes.

10. The Arch design

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The semi- circular, u-shaped arches when drawn on hands looks absolutely stunning and suits every generation. No matter how many new designs come up in the field of mehndi art, the arches will remains an all-time favourite and is perfect for light occasions.

11. Curly Curves

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This pattern is best option for those who do not like intricate designs and are short of time. All those people who prefer simplicity in designs that are well spaced out will find this pattern interesting. The curling design adds a new touch to your feet and hands.

12. Flowery web

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The floral web is ideal to decorate your delicate hands on any occasion. The design looks so beautiful that one would love to keep looking at the delicate hands. This design looks very beautiful yet very simple to draw. It can be done on any occasion to draw attention towards your hands.

13. Keeping it simple

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The blend of circles with tiny leaves is easy to create for beginners. The tips of the finger are covered with henna to fill the spaces. This kind of pattern looks good on every occasion and suits all age groups.

14. Stripes and Lines

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This pattern is best for those of you who do not want lavish designs. It is a contemporary design and is preferred by the younger generations. With the help of simple lines this design looks spectacular. The lines are very prominent and exhibit a unique design.

15. Shaded patterns

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The shaded patterns are a part of Arabic mehndi designs. Arabic mehndi designs are characterised by thick floral designs and shading. You don’t have to be a professional mehndi artist anymore for shading the insides of your design. Go with the flow and you will achieve it with some light strokes.

16. Bold and beautiful

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Bold designs grab the most attention and are easy than the intricate one. For doing the bold designs you will require the minimum skills. They make your hands look filled with henna without much of the hard work. They look stylish and more gorgeous on slimmer girls.

17. Curvilinear Swirls

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If you wish to move away from the traditional mehndi designs then this pattern will take your heart away. The beautiful curvy swirls helps to give you the unique and classy look which enhances your personality. This is best suited for the younger generation.

18. Speaking Hands

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Our hands speak a lot about us especially when they are clad with henna. This design is good for those who are learning to apply mehndi. It is cool and stylish and works like a tattoo. For those of you who want to sport a tattoo without going through the actual pain of it try this design with the help of henna.

19. Beauty at its best

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Beautiful hands are all that a woman craves for and there is nothing more beautiful than applying henna to your hands. This is another simple and yet elegant mehndi art. The back of your hands will look absolutely gorgeous with some circular and starry shapes.

20. Intricacy Matters

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Intricate works provide a rich and ornamental look and are best suited for brides. It adds to the beauty and is considered difficult but this design is best and simple to draw. Most of the mehndi lovers prefer intricate designs only so try this out.

21. Floral Rangoli

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Rangolis are an integral part of the Indian tradition and using the rangoli designs in mehndi art is an innovative method. Simple patterns like this can be further extended into full fledged designs. Rangoli designs are simple and the must try ones.

22. Leafy lines

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This design is very popular among young girls. The best thing about this design it you can easily create this on your hand or palm. For those of you who love to apply henna but don’t like to wait till it dries, this one’s for you.

23. Zig Zag

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This Zig- zag pattern is totally a new design in the field of mehndi art. It is very stylish and fresh. You can flaunt it on small occasions like ring ceremonies and various festivals. This accentuates the beauty of your hands and requires less effort.

24. Star Attraction

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This is the most basic mehndi design one can draw. We all grew up admiring stars and using it in your mehndi art will lighten and brighten your hands. The design is accompanied by various dots and circles.

25. Flowers in focus

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The floral motif looks amazingly beautiful and the fineness of this pattern is magnificent. This design does not fill your entire hand and leaves gap which looks artistic. This design will surely put your glamour quotient a few notches up.

26. The laced diamond

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Lacework has been an inspiration for all the mehndi artists since a very long time. Lacework can be difficult to copy on hands but this pattern is the easiest and looks mesmerising when drawn on your beautiful hands.

27. An all-time favourite

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This design covers your hand with flowers and various patterns of swirls. The fingers look extremely pretty because of the tiny leaves and the outlining of the nails. This design suits every type of occasion and you will surely impress everyone.

28. Floracacy- Flora+Intricacy

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The flower patterns are very well represented in Mehndi designs. The usage of flowers signifies joy and happiness. This simple design is crafted with the help of circles and semi-circles along with dots. The design is artistic and ethnic.

29. Ornamental

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This design looks more like an ornament than a mehndi pattern. It looks creative and when you don’t want to overload your hands with all the jewelleries this is a perfect option. It looks graceful and is favoured by those who have a traditional outlook.

30. Finger art

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Just like nail art, finger art has also gained popularity in the recent years. Most of the people these days prefer to apply mehndi just on the fingers which adds an element of uniqueness and helps enhancing your hand with your favourite nail color.

31. Lotus Art

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Lotus flower represents grace, sensuality, purity and femininity. They are considered a religious symbol and look very pretty when drawn as mehndi designs on hands. They give a completely new look to your hands.

32. The Handcuffs

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The design drawn in the form of handcuffs provides you a natural bangle. If you do not wish to wear jewelleries then handcuff mehndi design is a thing for you. This natural trick of drawing bangles not only looks unique but also beautifies your wrist.

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