55+ Beautiful Foyer Decoration and Brilliant For This Year

FOYER DECOR – our foyer is the first and last thing you see when walking through your front door, so it should leave you feeling nothing short of inspired, organized, and on top of your game.

After all, there’s nothing worse than coming home after a long day to an uninspiring space filled with unopened mail, piles of shoes, and other miscellaneous junk waiting to be stored away. While your life might be running a million miles an hour, your foyer should be a space to pause, reflect, and get re-energized.

Beautiful Foyer Decoration and Brilliant For This Year

In other words: It should serve as a portal for your overall well-being, whether you’re about to tackle a busy day or getting ready to unwind at night. So how do you make such a traditionally small space feel invigorating and perfectly organized? With clever organization, pieces that serve a purpose, and impactful accents, you’ll be on your way to the ultimate entryway. Ready to come home to your dream space? These foyer décor ideas are here to help.

1. Go HAM With Blue & White

Miraculous foyer farmhouse decor #foyer #home #decor
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Blue and white is the perfect color combo for a beach house. If your foyer is large, add intimacy with pattern, wallpaper, and a warm rug.

2. Go For A Joanna Gaines Fave: Black Trim On Errrrything

Staggering foyer chandelier images #foyer #home #decor
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If you want to upgrade your foyer without a serious reno, all you need is a color upgrade. Paint and matching trim will make the entry feel fresh.

3. Get A Special Screening

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No formal foyer? No problem. This screen is a sleek alternative to a room divider.

4. Go Botanical

Wonderful foyer ideas photos #foyer #home #decor
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City apartment got you feeling like you’re stuck in a concrete jungle? Botanical wallpaper helps bring the outdoors to you.

5. Get Chilly With It

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Blues and grays create a soothing palette. It might seem more of a coastal color, but it works perfectly in a farmhouse, too.

6. Let Your Stairway Make A Statement

Delight foyer fall decor #foyer #home #decor
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We can’t all have these incredible exposed wood beams, but we can fake a Spanish style with decor. Add period sculptures, an ornate console, and a upholstered bench. (But seriously, can you even notice those with that tiled stairwell in the background?! OBSESSED.)

7. Bench, Please

Astonishing foyer ceiling ideas #foyer #home #decor
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If you don’t want to paint, you can add fun color through your furniture. Try contrasting colors for a bench and accent chairs.

8. Let The Sun Shine In

Brilliant foyer xmas decor #foyer #home #decor
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If you’ve got high ceilings, add warmth to your foyer with a rug. Large-scale art on the walls will also help pull the eye down.

9. Bring On The Drama

Awesome example foyer decor #foyer #home #decor
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For a entry that makes people go “daaaamn,” cover the walls with a bold printed paper. Keep the rest of the decor simple, like a small table, so it doesn’t feel too busy.

10. Show Them Animal Print Totally Works As A Neutral

Spectacular foyer holiday decor #foyer #home #decor
Source: housebeautiful.com

The bold pattern of a custom-made, zebra-inspired rug gives this otherwise neutral entryway LIFE.


Marvelous foyer tile ideas pictures #foyer #home #decor
Source: elledecor.com

In the entry hall of a Mercer Island, Washington home designed by Kelly Wearstler, the light fixture is vintage, and the stone sculpture is from JF Chen; the walls are painted in Glidden’s Onyx Black, the floor is patterned with three different marbles, and on the ceiling is a wall covering by SJW Studios.


Unbelievable church foyer decor ideas #foyer #home #decor
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For the long entrance hall of a Paris apart­ment, designers Anne Geistdoerfer and Flora de Gastines of Double G incorporated framed pan­els of Cole & Son’s Hicks’ Hexagon wall­paper with striking black trim. The Copper Shade pendants are by Tom Dixon.


Breathtaking au foyer decor arras #foyer #home #decor
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Encaustic tiles are inset into wood planks to form a “rug” in the entry hall of the Bedford, New York, home of photographer William Abranowicz and his wife, Andrea Raisfeld, which they designed with architect Holly Ross. The wallpaper is by Schumacher.


Excited alternatives foyer et decor #foyer #home #decor
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A pair of 1940s Gilbert Poillerat lanterns hang in the entry of a Paris pied-à-terre designed by Jean-Louis Deniot; a console is draped with linen embroidered and painted by Jean-François Lesage, the mirror is a custom design, and the sheep sculpture is by François-Xavier Lalanne.


Remarkable foyer decor abu dhabi #foyer #home #decor
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In the Greenwich, Connecticut, weekend retreat of a Manhattan couple with young children, Thom Filicia placed round mirrors set in contemporary steel frames by Jonathan Burden above eagle-base consoles of Filicia’s own design; the upholstered bench is by Hickory Chair.

17. Start With Seating

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Think function first: Of course you want your foyer to be bold and beautiful, but you also want it to serve its purpose. Start with an entryway bench for people to sit on, coupled with a set of hooks for anything from hats to handbags. Then you can start building to create the space you’ll love.

18. Layer Up

Unique grey foyer decor #foyer #home #decor
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The key to a truly beautiful entryway: layering. For instance, a console table will always look more put together with a pair of baskets or stools underneath it, and a mirror or artwork above it. The goal isn’t to over-accessorize, but rather to add items that are both purposeful and beautiful.

19. Work From the Ground Up

Sensational foyer chandelier ideas #foyer #home #decor
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If there’s one item that can instantly transform the look of your foyer, it’s an antique rug. Worn-out Turkish rugs have a certain texture and dimension that’s often hard to find in entryways, particularly ones that have blank walls and not too much architectural impact.

20. Make a Statement

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The foyer is not the place to be subtle or neutral. Create a statement by adding a bold pop of color or a striking geometrical pattern. Or use the power of repetition to create your statement: In this space, the black-and-white color palette is repeated in the arched doorway, the floors, and the artwork while the fine lines in the chair wiring are repeated in the painting above.

21. Liven Things Up

Uplifting deco noel foyer #foyer #home #decor
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For a Hacienda feel, cover bench cushions in a reclaimed carpet. Rattan baskets and an eclectic gallery wall complete the look.

22. Dark Wood Balances Out A Bright Room

Life-changing foyer divider ideas #foyer #home #decor
Source: housebeautiful.com

Add a basket under your console table for extra storage. Fresh blooms never hurt anything, either.

23. Get A Taste Of The Islands

Unbeatable small foyer decor ideas #foyer #home #decor
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These wicker chairs are everything our plain accent chairs aspire to be. Painted metal palms add serious fun.

24. Go Full Alice In Wonderland

Striking foyer remodel ideas #foyer #home #decor
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This looks like wallpaper, but it’s actually a mural. Coulda fooled us.

25. Get Breezy Fo’ Sheezy

Wondrous foyer decor valenciennes #foyer #home #decor
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To create a light, airy feel, paint the walls white and whitewash the floors. To add contrast, go for a high-gloss black front door. Now that’s haute.

26. Shutter It Down

Perfect foyer décor 900 onde #foyer #home #decor
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Louvered shutters that open into the living room add a touch of British Colonial style to this entry. Keep tones brown and white to add to the period feel.

27. Show Your Ceiling Some Love

Epic foyer window decor #foyer #home #decor
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Layers of texture and color, books, art, and chinoiserie make this maybe the most eclectic entry we’ve ever seen. Go bold or go home?

28. Swap Out Your Rug

Phenomenal foyer decor images #foyer #home #decor
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Make a statement without making a huge commitment to your decor with a graphic rug. It can easily be swapped out if you get sick of it.

29. Live The “Light & Airy” Home Dream With French Doors

Amazing foyer buffet ideas #foyer #home #decor
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French doors will flood your entry with sunlight. Accent it with pale yellow walls.

30. Stick To The Classics

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Create a classic entry with wood, paneling, an Oriental rug, and a neutral color palette. It’ll feel timeless but not dated.

31. Go Home-y

Glorious foyer carpet ideas #foyer #home #decor
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Craft a rustic foyer with wicker baskets, wood furniture, and a natural textured rug. Greenery is also a must.

32. Look Up

Fabulous wedding foyer decor ideas #foyer #home #decor
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Try a wallpaper with vertical lines. It’ll make your ceilings feel like they’re much higher than they are.

33. Get Colorful

Surprising club foyer decor st sauveur qc #foyer #home #decor
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Don’t be afraid of pink — but maybe don’t paint the entire wall. White paneling beneath helps it feel like a chic pop of color, rather than a Barbie doll house.

34. Clean Things Up With White On White

Incredible foyer decor dubai #foyer #home #decor
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For a clean, breezy look, go for all white. Add contrast with colorful furniture.

35. Have A Seat

Astounding foyer moulding ideas #foyer #home #decor
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Your foyer doesn’t have to be a spot you pass by. Add a comfortable chair and it becomes a small sitting area.

36. Liven Things Up

Unleash foyer area decor #foyer #home #decor
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For a Hacienda feel, cover bench cushions in a reclaimed carpet. Rattan baskets and an eclectic gallery wall complete the look.

37. Lowcountry Foyer

nice foyer décor 900 symphonie #foyer #home #decor
Source: southernliving.com

The front door in this entry opens to the pool area, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. White shiplap adds to the coastal feel of the space.

38. Set the Tone

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Source: southernliving.com

A bold front door, in Pratt & Lambert’s Premium Yellow, sets a lively tone in this 1950’s North Carolina rancher.

39. Mixed Furniture Styles

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Pairing antiques with modern pieces refreshes older items and gives a more collected, less ‘designed’ look.

40. Cottage Entry

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Forgoing hallways in a small cottage created space for this room. “Entries set the tone for and give a sense of prelude to a house,” says designer P. Allen Smith.

41. Nostalgic Feel

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Pairing heirlooms like a china set or these oil-rubbed kerosene lanterns with exposed wood plank walls is a great way to add character to your point of entry.

42. Bold & Bright

moderen foyer ideas rustic #foyer #home #decor
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Anything is fair game when you are searching for color inspiration. Here, the vibrant colors and X-pattern of this interior door are lifted from the wall jockey paintings.

43. Rustic Charm

Miraculous foyer molding ideas #foyer #home #decor
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The space under your stairs doesn’t have to be wasted. An upholstered chair paired with a vintage chest provides a cozy landing spot near the front door, and personal accents like this grouping of vintage trophies is inexpensive and rich with patina.

44. Confidence with Color

Staggering foyer ideas with bench #foyer #home #decor
Source: southernliving.com

The exuberant purple of this diamanté-patterned front door works in contrast with the warm yellow hue of the walls, but ties in nicely to the hanging lanterns that are trimmed in matching purple velvet.

45. Functional Style

Terrific foyer table images #foyer #home #decor
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Just because you actually plan to use your entryway, doesn’t mean it has to look cluttered or drab. These bright shades hide away bins of shoes and toys while adding a nice pop of color.

46. Vivid Wallpaper

Wonderful foyer ceiling decor #foyer #home #decor
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Get major impact in small spaces with a lively print like this geometric pattern. Use sparingly to ensure the bold design doesn’t overwhelm your room.

47. Inspired by Nature

Eye-opening foyer entrance images #foyer #home #decor
Source: southernliving.com

Unify the look of your entryway by grouping artwork in similar tones or feel. Here, nature pulls it all together.

48. Unexpected Accents

Delight foyer renovation ideas #foyer #home #decor
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Since the foyer is the first room that guests see as they enter your home, let your personality shine from the start by displaying favorite pieces. Whether it’s an antique mirror or even a mounted rhinoceros head, your unique pieces can serve as great conversation starters.

49. Reclaim & Restore

Astonishing foyer ideas with table #foyer #home #decor
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Mix found pieces to create unique furniture and accessories. This entryway combines a bench made from reclaimed wood beams and wrought iron fence materials with personal nature photographs framed in antique wood.

50. In Season

Brilliant foyer mudroom ideas #foyer #home #decor
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When decorating your house, consider the first thing guests will see when they come in the front door. Here, seasonal accents are seamlessly paired with distressed wood-framed photos.

51. Beachy Beauty

Awesome foyer deco 750 roche #foyer #home #decor
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It’s not always important to make a big statement in the foyer, as this one opens directly into the living room. Pairing dark wood with white walls adds just the right amount of drama.

52. Establish a Mood

Spectacular foyer bench images #foyer #home #decor
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Chose a color palette that leads well into the adjoining spaces A rug can soften and define the space as well as bring in more colors.

53. Modern Touches

Marvelous foyer ideas on pinterest #foyer #home #decor
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Although the overall look and feel is traditional, Bill included a few minimalist elements for impact. “The foyer’s stairs and bridge are modern in their structural honesty,” says Bill. The graphic staircase adds a sculptural wow factor right inside the front door. He coated the wood-clad walls and exterior trim in glossy white paint (Benjamin Moore’s Creamy White) to contrast with the rustic stone.

54. It’s All About the Mix

Unbelievable foyer niche ideas #foyer #home #decor
Source: southernliving.com

Step inside the house’s foyer and it’s easy to see the homeowners’ decorating style is all about the mix—old with new, dark with light, color with—well—color. Case in point: the globe-trotting, cross-cultural mash-up of a white, carved Moroccan mirror; subdued antique demilune table; and Chinese porcelain pottery. The classic blue-and-white scheme anchors the space, while a mercury glass lamp adds a bit of glint.

55. Elegant Geometric Foyer

Breathtaking foyer lighting ideas contemporary #foyer #home #decor
Source: southernliving.com

A bold foyer welcomes guests to this Palm Beach, Florida, pied-à-terre designed by mother-daughter duo Marjorie Johnston and Wendy Barze. Geometric-patterned walls and subtle coastal elements strike the perfect balance.

56. Evoking History

Excited foyer decor 550 roche #foyer #home #decor
Source: southernliving.com

Groupings of framed historic prints, hanging lanterns, and rich wood floors combine with white walls and neutral accents for the perfect mix of old and new in this classic entryway.

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